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Patrick Kevin Quinn, CPP

 Since 1988, both plaintiff and defense attorneys have retained Mr. Quinn as an independent subject matter expert in cases involving Premises Liability, Security Adequacy or the Actions of Security Personnel. Some cases have involved his giving testimony and others have involved case review and/or best practice research.

During his 30 year career in Security Management and Security Management Consulting he has performed or managed the performance of over 500 security projects involving the assessment, design and/or implementation of security plans and programs. For 8 years he was an Adjunct Instructor of Security Management at the Baccalaureate Level. 

 Environmental security design is accomplished by first utilizing the physical features of a facility, natural barriers that exist in and outside plus the normal behavior of the everyday users before considering the use of the customary lock and alarm safeguards.


The goal of environmental security design is to support the goals of the U.S. Green Building Council and create a security plan that is less costly, transparent, sustainable and environmentally compatible and provides a more pleasant, productive environment. Security strategies adapted to a Green Security Solutions project include “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” and “Broken Windows.”

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